TaylorMorse implements leading edge techniques and methodologies to simplify the retrieval of all your critical papers. We offer a broad spectrum of services that aid in the production, retention, management and processing of documents for the insurance and legal communities.

Every document that we prepare is first generation. We use no pre-printed forms nor do we simply "fill in" the blanks. Documents are processed electronically and can be securely accessed through an internet based application or in paper form.

Our commitment is to seamless litigation support with little or no interruption to the client. Whether we're researching an elusive doctor or challenging a disingenuous CNR, we pride ourselves on thinking clearly, acting quickly, and following through.

Our Core Services

Record Retrieval/Digital Document Retrieval, Digital Document Retrieval

  • Medical Records
  • Records Retrieval With HIPAA Authorization
  • Billing Records
  • X-Rays
  • Subpoena Creation and Service
  • Insurance Records
  • Scholastic Records
  • On-Site Document Imaging
  • Digital Document Retrieval
  • Permanent Electronic Records Database
  • Online Ordering and Status Review
  • Fee Advancement
  • Large Volume Reproduction
  • Blueprint, Photo, and Film Reproduction in Either Physical or Digital Form

We are experts at chasing down the records you need

  • We find elusive doctors
  • We challenge bogus affidavits of no records.
  • We take the logical next step.
  • And, we try to leave you alone.
  • If a doctor says "I don't have the records, but I know who does..."
    We don't call or email you and wait for your approval. We just do it!

TaylorMorse, Ltd.

23422 Mill Creek Dr., Suite 135
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Ph: (877) 707-5003 | Fax: (949) 707-0798

Rush Services

You've got to have it now! All of our field representatives travel with laptop computers and portable scanners. We can literally walk into a chiropractor's office in Sacramento, scan a file at 9:00 am and have the records posted to our website by 10, so that our client in San Diego can review the records before their 11:00 deposition.

A Genuine Advantage

Top Quality Customer Service
Thorough Knowledge of Federal and State Privacy Laws and Procedures
Extensive Service Area
Industry Leading Research Department