About Us

Founded by Mark Taylor and Mace Morse, TaylorMorse LTD. has provided support to the litigation and insurance communities of California since opening the doors in 2000. Their hard work, experience, and intimate knowledge of the industry have allowed TaylorMorse to grow into a leader in the legal services field.

TaylorMorse has successfully melded state of the art technology with prompt and personalized customer service. Our commitment is to seamless litigation support without unnecessary interruption to the client. We pride ourselves on thinking clearly, acting quickly, and following through. Whether we're researching an elusive doctor or providing color laser photos, we always act with reason, and we always pursue the logical next step.

TaylorMorse serves both the legal and insurance communities, providing quality service and document retrieval while keeping down unnecessary costs. Our central office is in California, but we have obtained records from all fifty states and more than a dozen countries. Our staff is thorough and professional, and committed to the procurement of your documents.

How Are We Different?

At TaylorMorse , being just another "copy service" is not good enough. We work as partners, allies, and advocates for our clients. It's challenging enough when pursuing records from large government agencies and hospitals, but harder still when your record's retrieval vendor is an equally massive and inefficient bureaucracy.

At TaylorMorse , we can match the resources and expertise of our competitors, while at the same time maintaining personal connections to our clients. We do not settle for short cuts or incomplete answers. Our staff is trained to anticipate your questions on relevant codes, procedures and privacy laws. Our relationships with powerful brokers at key hospital and records custodians throughout the state allow us to get that last minute request fulfilled - maybe even skipping the red tape that can cripple a case.

We encourage all clients to go paperless with our state of the art website and permanent archive. Our attention to detail allows our partners to catch irregularities, keep track of complex litigation, or grab a missing piece of evidence that wins cases. Whether you choose to enter an order through our interactive website, or send us a list of instructions on the back of a napkin, we will follow through and keep you informed every step of the way.

TaylorMorse, Ltd.

23422 Mill Creek Dr., Suite 135
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Ph: (877) 707-5003 | Fax: (949) 707-0798


C. Jewkes, Legal Secretary

"TaylorMorse is ALWAYS willing to go above and beyond for their clients! They truly make document acquisition a pleasant experience."

G. Nicholas, Legal Secretary

"I am very pleased to include TaylorMorse as one of the 'high points' in my daily activities at work. They are always courteous, helpful and quick to act on any request I have!"

R. Padgett-Weingel, Legal Secretary

"What else is there to say? TaylorMorse rocks! Huge kudos to Mark and Mace."

B. DeLaRonde, Paralegal

"I implicitly trust Mark and Mace and every employee with whom I have had the pleasure to work. I can honestly say I could not properly function in my duties without their valued and trusted service."

R. Burke, Paralegal

"With TaylorMorse , the job is HANDLED. From subpoena service to record delivery, when I give them an assignment I have complete confidence that it will be handled in a timely professional manner without me having to follow-up on their work."